The name Rossouw or Rousseau is an ancient French family name originating from the Burgundy region in France. It has its origin in the French word ‘rousse’ or ‘rouge’, meaning red. The first recorded Rossouw in South Africa is said to be a certain Pierre Rousseau with the following signature and family crest.


Pierre, also known as Pieter, was born in Mer in the Loire Valley in France. He died in February 1719 in Paarl in the Western Cape.


The Rossouw family history in the Delmas/Springs area in South Africa emerged with Jan Adriaan Rossouw, one of the family’s grandfathers, who farmed in the area from 1925. Jan Adriaan worked in the construction industry, riding his bicycle to Springs and back every day in order to provide for his family. He can be credited with setting the standard for hard work and determination that is always present within the Rossouw Family.


One of his sons, Chris Rossouw, felt that he would like to continue to farm. Chris and his father, Jan Adriaan, believed that an academic underpinning was important. Chris paved the way for his sons and grandchildren, who would later follow in his footsteps,

by completing his BSc degree at the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (University of Pretoria). This foundation played a critical part in setting the family and the family business apart from their competitors at the time. In time, formal education became one of the key pillars of the Rossouw family’s success and growth. Chris and his wife, Naubie, started small in 1964 by farming on 50 rented morgen. In 1968 Chris and Naubie managed to purchase their first farm.


Under the careful hands of Chris and Naubie the family business showed rapid growth. Gradually their sons, Adriaan, Charles, Chris, and Naudé equally started investing their energy and academic knowledge into the family business, introducing new insight and technology.


Apart from obtaining a formal education, Chris firmly believes that one needs to surround oneself with capable people.